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Sequins Vest // When in Breukelen 

Meet Aimee. “A 20 year old cookie enthusiast who revels in frugalness and happens to be allergic to cat.” This California native is a full time student at Kings College in New York City who started her fashion blog as her New Year’s resolution and has been going strong with it for over a year now! Pairing her fashion finds and taking over NYC all at the same time. She’ll be graduating a year early with a degree in Media, Culture, and the Arts with a minor in Business & is currently interning at O (Yes, as in Oprah) Magazine in the fashion closet. Seriously, this girl does it all and still looks good on that college student budget. We’ve been obsessing over sequins here at KDD, and I mean just check out this chick’s rad vest and killer zara boots! For more details, go read her post on her blog When in Breukelen.¬†

Source: wheninbreukelen.blogspot.com

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